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This page documents various modules I have written. All Stata modules are also available by automated download via Boston College's Statistical Software Comonents (SSC) archive. For example, type ssc install regsave, replace at your Stata prompt to install the latest version of my regsave command.

TextFileLoadC++TextFileLoad is an ANSI-compliant class that enables programs to import data from text files in a user-friendly manner. Data can be loaded by column name or number and are automatically converted to the appropriate data types.
appendfileStataappendfile appends a text file to another text file.
autorenameStataautorename renames variables according to values stored in a particular row. This can be useful when trying to insheet certain oddly formatted datasets.
regsaveStataregsave stores regression output into a Stata-formatted dataset.
sortobsStatasortobs allows the user to sort observations by either (1) a variable's specific values or (2) observation numbers. Observations that are not specified in the command retain their original, respective sort orders.
strgroupStatastrgroup matches strings based on their Levenshtein edit distance.
svretStatasvret replaces the dataset in memory with the scalars and macros stored in e(), r(), and s().
texsaveStatatexsave outputs the dataset currently in memory to a file in LaTeX format. It includes macro code that can be read by Scientific Word (SW) so that full SW functionality is retained.

Terms of Agreement: By using any of the above modules, you agree to the following terms...
1) You may use these modules in your own programs (and may compile them into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it) freely and at no charge.
2) You MAY NOT redistribute these modules (for example to a web site). Failure to do so is a violation of copyright laws.
3) You may link to these modules from another website.
4) To the best of my knowledge, these modules are bug-free, though I cannot guarantee it. Use them at your own risk.

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